May 2004

May 6th
Momus meets Comus
May 5th
A free trip to Tripoli
May 1st
April 2004

April 30th
A bird don't come for free
April 29th
Quick, before it makes sense!
April 28th
A Ramblin' in the Wald
April 28th
April 26th
What is Cute?
April 24th
Frankenstein and power laws
April 23rd
Virtue in Vice
April 23rd
Earlabs: Early Japanese musique concrete
April 22nd
Yahoo Japan
April 22nd
Cover me!
April 21st
okSLA ballboy
April 21st
All bones and no Flesh
April 20th
Lost Formats Preservation Society
April 19th
That's Helsinki Thinking!
April 15th
Corkscrew King
April 13th
Idiot King
April 10th
Robin Hood
April 8th
The Life of the Fields
April 7th
Al Careda
April 6th
Give me denim or give me death!
April 4th
Chicks with dicks
April 2nd
Jesus in Furs

March 2004

March 30th
Slow life and semantic architecture
March 29th
The four-eared cat speaks
March 28th
Box sex
March 26th
Scotch monsters
March 25th
March 23rd
Russian snaps
March 20th
How to make a Moscow
March 18th
March 17th
Play dead?
March 16th
Symmetry reaches the square
March 15th
Backpacker v Cratedigger
March 14th
When Adar Enters
March 13th
Mother Russia
March 11th
Troglodyte Musicien
March 10th
Anger in Angrael
March 7th
The art school disco
March 5th
Hello from Stockholm!
March 3rd
Kahimi Currie
March 2nd
Man of broken letters
March 1st
Dinner with Claudia, breakfast with Cheburashka
February 2004

February 27th
The correct use of treason
February 26th
Fluxus on a red Ikea sofa
February 25th
Too cool to be cool
February 24th
Cleaning Service
February 23rd
The coming north
February 21st
The number three
February 20th
Andromatic sexophone
February 19th
Huts, treks, hikes, tents, plots and allotments
February 18th
Hyping random Venice
February 17th
Who paid the dripper?
February 16th
Baroque Povera
February 15th
Toxic grandpa
February 14th
Spirals and cream
February 13th
A day in meatspace
February 12th
Corpus Simsi
February 11th
Freeter and linglei
February 10th
What is body horror?
February 9th
Onfray, Closky, Shrigley
February 8th
Let's visit Somaliland!
February 7th
Soy sauce data mansion
February 6th
I, homuculus
February 5th
The elephant in the room
February 4th
Erasure of the breast
February 3rd
A dancer at the Schaubuhne
February 2nd
A great scratching of heads and beards
February 1st
Enigma of the absent presence
January 2004

January 31st
Lucy in the sky with Freehand
January 30th
Vishnu and Shiva
January 29th
January 28th
Blame the messenger
January 27th
Singing, Ringing Tree
January 27th
Toog, God, Manlik, Art, Sex
January 26th
Vulviform blossoms
January 25th
Compost of the future
January 24th
Who's OK and who's dead?
January 23rd
Welcome to wherever you aren't
January 22nd
Flickering fresh
January 21st
January 20th
Avant kids
January 19th
Germany calling! Germany calling!
January 17th
Unusual mushroom dance group
January 16th
Virtual kiosk
January 16th
Cookie flaneur