Daily Photo: Analog Synth Modernism For Children

Someone called Frank Schršder sent me an e mail about this application of analog synthesisers to (modern) classical music, and it's become my favourite record of the last few weeks. It's a mini-opera for children composed by Paul Hindemith (who also worked with Brecht) in 1930. This recording, released in 1982 by the brilliant Dusseldorf label ATA TAK on cassette, is an interpretation by Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann. If it's still up there, you can download the whole tape in mp3 format from Frank's website. Holger Hiller has a new record out on Mute this month. Let's hope ATA TAK rerelease Wir Bauen Eine Stadt sometime. I wonder if Hiller ever attempted another Hindemith vocal piece, his setting of Kokoshka's expressionist play Murderer, Hope Of Women?

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