Here's Takashi Murakami, Japan's most famous artist and architect of the sensibility men call Superflat, at the opening of his new painting show at Boesky Gallery, in Chelsea, New York, last night (March 16th, 2001).

My friend Rika, who tried out at his Brooklyn studio last week for an assistant job, introduced us. Murakami knew who I was, and immediately started telling me how the artist who made the cover image for my new album (he didn't remember his name, but it was Florian Perret), the one with a boxy figure of me orienteering, had sent him some stuff recently, which he liked.

Then he called over one of his assitants from his Tokyo Hiropon Factory, a leggy girl in a mini-skirt and Playboy T shirt, to meet me. 'She is your big fan, she will freak out!' he said. While all this was happening, a huddle of photographers stood a few feet away in a hasty little arc, shooting flash photos and video.

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