Preparing Summerisle

If you click the picture you can hear an mp3 of Thyme, one of the first fruits of my current collaboration with Anne Laplantine, a French musician who lives in Berlin and has released under the names Anne, Anne Laplantine, Michiko Kusaki and Angelika Koehlermann, on labels like Tomlab and Gooom. It's an album of mutated, post-electronic folk music which will appear on Analog Baroque in early 2004. The record will be called Summerisle and will appear under our joint names. There's a tip of the hat there to The Wicker Man's Lord Summerisle, but it's by no means a concept album or a musical.

We've already finished four or five tracks and they're sounding really wonderful, much more plaintive, otherworldly and immediately beautiful than anything I think I've ever been involved in, without being in any sense 'traditional'. All I'm doing is singing. Anne then takes my voice and chops it up and pastes it into similarly chopped and pasted guitar phrases she's played herself. We're also playing whistles, accordions, melodicas and the like. Anne is a brilliant musical artist -- a sort of Midas who can turn anything I give her into gold -- and this collaboration was so much the right thing for me to do next.

We may be travelling to the Hebrides in August to capture the pagan atmosphere for phase two of the recording, which happens in September.

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