Daily Photo: World Clique It was the year of Friendster.

It was the year social software made network analysis hot and horny.

Some odd things happened to our perceptions of connection. We found that not only had pop stars (but is that really them?) agreed to appear alongside the genuine friends on our Friendster page, but that a little group of 104 friends somehow connected us to over a million strangers, with less than five degrees of separation between us all.

It was a year in which I liked music mostly made by friends and friends of friends.

Now, once that might have made me feel guilty. It might've seemed cliquey to choose records made by people I knew, people I'd worked with, people I'd heard about through the grapevine. But now that a few friends can apparently connect you to everyone everywhere, it becomes difficult to distinguish clique from world. Sure, these are records made by people 'famous for fifteen people'. But if each of those fifteen people knows fifteen other people, well -- BOOM! -- we are the world!

Who knows, maybe one day Friendster will stop wars. It's still in beta, you know.

Ten Friendly Records
Dorine_Muraille Mani (Fat Cat)
The Books The Lemon of Pink (Tomlab)
Matmos The Civil War (Matador)
Nathan Michel Dear Bicycle (Tigerbeat 6)
Various Artists Active Suspension versus Clapping Music
Gal Hinaus:: In den, Wald. (CD-R / radio)
Lullatone Computer Recital (Audio Dregs)
Anne Laplantine Hambourg (Tomlab)
Robert Wyatt Cuckooland (Hannibal)
Goodiepal Narc Beacon (Ski-pp)

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