Florian takes me to the Belleville studio of Cedric and Naomi, a Franco-Nippon design team who call themselves Mitget Design when making their trademark red and white graphic animations (for clients like Prefuse 73) and Electronic Apes when they're performing, as today, at the Buro Association's amazing live internet event Headphone Concerts for 12 People. Or, to give it its full title, Le Placard #5: Paris - Tokyo Non-Stop Headphone Concerts for 12 People.

Since I'm the guy who said 'In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen people', it makes sense to invite me along to jam. Which I do, alongside the likes of Stock, Hausen and Walkman, Mami Chan and Dragibus. The event is web-streamed to Tokyo, where it's played on twelve sets of headphones at an art gallery called Happyhouse (3-17-18 Kugayama Suginami-ku Tokyo).

During the webchat I realise that my friend Yoyo (she's thanked twice on the sleeve of 'Ping Pong') is there. She says there's a thunderstorm going on in Tokyo.

Here in Paris it's a hot, calm Sunday. New gay mayor Delanoe has put sand on the banks of the Seine, the Tour de France puffs along the Rue St Antoine, but up here in Belleville it's a bit cooler. All the women seem to be Japanese. Some have children. During our set as Electronic Apes I rap and hoot along to Cedric and Naomi's loud funk tracks, while a Japanese sex instruction video is projected on the wall of the darkened room. People whoop and strip, and I've been at nothing so exhilaratingly playful and spontaneously creative since a party in Kreuzberg, Berlin, two years ago, where, after a Sasha Waltz piece at the Schaubuhne, some Georgian dancers treated us to some spontaneous choreography right there in the room.

Europe -- and of course I mean by that only Mitte and Menilmontant -- is completely where it's at. When am I coming back here?

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