Songs in Real Audio format

They sound like music played in a fishbowl being held upside down in a bucket. But so does Tricky, so that can't be bad. And they take next to no time to download.

Click the link to the real Audio Site above. Download the Real Audio player. Run the Installer program. Now you're ready to click the ears and listen to the music. If you get a page of garbled text instead of sound, go to Netscape's Options menu, select Preferences then, from the pull-down menu, Helper Applications. Locate Real Audio Player, select it, then go to the Extensions box and add 'RA, RAM, ra, ram'. (You could even try running round in circles chanting it too. The gods may be listening.)

Here's the music.

Kahimi Karie
RA FileSong Clip: 'Good Morning World' (1995, Trattoria Records) 43K

RA FileSong Clip: 'Kinderwhore Superbitch' (1995, unreleased) 43K

RA FileSong Clip: 'David Hamilton' (1995, demo) 81K

RA FileSong Clip: 'Lucky Like St Sebastian' (1995, Slender Sherbet) 85K

Poison Girlfriend
RA FileSong Clip: 'Heidi' (1993) 85K

RA FileSong Clip: 'I Was A Prolix, Verbose and Loquacious Individual...' (spoof on 'I Was A Maoist Intellectual', out-take from Slender Sherbet sessions, 1995) 60K

If you have a song you'd like to have turned into muffled, burbling nonsense on this page send your request by E Mail here.