The album that shot itself in the foot.

'Timelord' is recorded at a difficult time for Momus. Pressure on Shazna to enter into an arranged marriage makes it look for a while as if they'll have to split up. The album is the rhetoric he uses to keep her.

Like The Visitor in 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', who hopes his wife on her distant planet will hear his music on the radio, Momus hopes this music will cut through the static interference of fundamentalist Islam to reach Shazna.

It works, although the cost is a rather private and oblique record and the end of the line for Momus and Creation.

Nick and Shazna are married in 1994. (The story is here).

Now we open Book Two of the Confessions of Saint Augustine. Momus the sexual pervert has been cured. Kierkegaard has passed from Either to Or, from the Aesthetic to the Ethical. Nothing will ever be the same again.


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