Madame De Sade
Mister Polyglot
Pure Selfishness
Multiple Choice
Daddy My Dear
More I See*
Doomed Love*
The End Of History

Written (except *) and produced by Momus
Recorded at Berwick Street Studios, Soho, 1993

I walked into a record shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, in 1992 and saw a display of CDs by an artist calling herself Poison Girlfriend. I was intrigued and bought one, an album called 'Melting Moment'. Ambient styles wrapped around chanson, with gorgeous string arrangements and a Jane Birkin cover version.

Someone sent me a translation of an article in a Japanese magazine in which various artists were asked about my work. nOrikO, the Poison Girlfriend, said that when she had heard 'Murderers, The Hope Of Women' for the first time it seemed to her as if she were hearing her own true voice. It was, she added, her dream to have me produce her next album.

I faxed JVC Victor saying I'd be happy to oblige. In fact by the time we made the record it was for my own Japanese label, Nippon Columbia.

I later heard that the CD brochure stated that nOrikO and I had been 'born for each other', romantically as well as musically. This was far from the truth: there was no romance, though we had a passionate time musically on 'Shyness', enlisting the Balanescu Quartet, Simon Fisher Turner, Louis Philippe and Dean Klevat, who had played on my 'Poison Boyfriend' album.

I'm still proud of 'The End Of History' and 'Pure Selfishness' (hear the B side of 'The Sadness Of Things' for my reading of the former). 'Nobody' was a song written originally for The Happy Family, and I like this version. 'Keel heem!', from the sinister dialogue at the start of 'Madame De Sade', became the catch phrase of the whole session and had us in stitches. One day nOrikO will make an excellent Bond villainess.

See also the 'Mr Polyglot' EP.

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