'Momus's reading list makes Lloyd Cole's look like the Tufty Club' said the NME. So what tomes was he burying his nose in whilst composing works like 'Hippopotamomus'? Here, for your enlightenment and convenience, is the booklist.

The Man On Your Street

Complete Poems of Bertolt Brecht
The Authoritarian Personality by Theodor Adorno
The Essential Frankfurt School Reader
This Business Of Living, the diaries of Cesare Pavese
Mythologies, Roland Barthes

Circus Maximus

The Divine Comedy, Dante
The Old Testament and Apocrypha
The Poems Of Catullus, Martial and Juvenal
Either/Or, Soren Kierkegaard
The Fables Of Aesop
Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges
The Collected Poems, Peter Porter
Moral Tales, Leopardi

The Poison Boyfriend

The Diaries Of Paul Klee
High Priest Of Love, A Biography Of D.H.Lawrence
Collected Poems, Allen Ginsberg

Tender Pervert

The plays and diary of Joe Orton
The Short Stories of Marcel Schwob
Forbidden Colours, Yukio Mishima
Confessions Of A Mask, Yukio Mishima
A Japanese Mirror, Ian Buruma
Manhood, Michel Leiris
The Triumph Of Pierrot, The Commedia dell'Arte and the Modern Imagination, Martin Green and John Swan
The Key, Junichiro Tanizaki
No Longer Human, Osamu Dazai

Don't Stop The Night

The Rules Of Attraction, Brett Easton Ellis
The Last Days Of Mankind, Karl Kraus
La Mort A L'Oeuvre, a biography of Georges Bataille, Michel Surya
My Life And Loves, Frank Harris
Bilitis, Pierre Louys
Little Birds, Anais Nin

The Life Of Kenneth Tynan, Kathleen Tynan


Smut, An Anatomy Of Dirt, Christian Enzensberger
The Perfumed Garden
Men and Women, Paul Verlaine
120 Days Of Sodom, Marquis de Sade
Fury On Earth, a Biography Of Wilhelm Reich, Myron Sharaf
Picasso, His Life And Work, Roland Penrose
The Lover, Marguerite Duras
The Life And Times Of Little Richard, Charles White

The Ultraconformist

Turn-Of-The-Century Cabaret, Harold B. Segel
Cabaret, Lisa Appignanesi
The Fitzrovians, A Portrait Of Bohemian Society, Hugh David
Karl Kraus, Apocalyptic Satirist, Edward Timms


The Mezzanine, Nicholson Baker
Journal of Witold Gombrowicz
The Jeff Koons Handbook
To The Distant Observer, Form And Meaning In The Japanese Cinema, Noel Burch
Landscapes After The Battle, Juan Goytisolo


A Brief History Of Time, Stephen W. Hawking
Voices From The Plains, Gianni Celati
The Teaching Of Buhhda
Postmodernism And Islam, Akbar S. Ahmed

The Philosophy Of Momus

Lewis Carroll, Une Vie, Jean Gattegno
La Galerie D'Alice, Kuniyoshi Kaneko
I Am A Cat, Natsume Soseki

Forbidden Software Timemachine

L'Homme Numerique, Nicholas Negroponte
La Balle Des Folles, Copi

And the books that will always be looming behind
all these records...

The Diaries Of Franz Kafka
Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
The Immoralist, Andre Gide
Death In Venice, Thomas Mann
The Early Poems of T.S.Eliot
The Street Of Crocodiles, Bruno Schulz
Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man, James Joyce
The Poems Of Paul Celan
The Poems Of Osip Mandelstam
Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
The Strange Case Of Dr Jeckyll And Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson
The Decameron, Boccacio