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Other Music
Not just the best record store in New York, but the best record store in the world. Probably.

On Saturdays in 1997 - 98 Scottish daily newspaper The Herald handed over its back page to musician and cultural journalist Pat Kane. Every three months or so that meant a Momus think piece, like 'Why Scotland Is Like Michael Jackson's Nose'.

Takako Minekawa
Miss Minekawa started out as the recording partner of Kahimi Karie. Now she makes fascinatingly conceptual records like 'Roomic Cube' and 'Cloudy Cloud Calculator'. A sort of 21st century Yoko Ono.

This french newspaper (founded in the 70s by Jean-Paul Sartre) has some of the best cultural coverage in the world... and rock journalism by Nick Kent!

The Mormons
What must it be like to believe that God lives on a planet which will shortly get a Voyager fly-by? Will the space probe hit a wall of glass? Will God be photographed drinking coffee?

Classic Home Videogames Museum
A virtual museum of early video games systems. Will have you weeping over your analogue joystick.

Institute of Contemporary Arts
The ICA, London, is my spiritual homeland. Reset your cultural watch with a visit.

A design / fashion / culture superstore in Paris where they dispense with consumer choice altogether by stocking only the most trendy item in any given category (for example, one watch: the Casio G Shock limited Japanese edition).

Sphinx Hentai Ultraparadise
Hot manga. I love the title. I want to write a song called that.

This French techno culture site is one of the best on the web. It's huge.

French site about the art scene. Check out Purple Prose, an adventurous art magazine.

How ceasless, brilliant innovation and a canny understanding of human appetites can help you rule the world within a single generation.

Apple Computer
My website wouldn't be such a wonder if Apples weren't so tempting and fun to use. An Apple, not a chair, is the place I like to sit.

Lewis Carroll
Those who abuse the young are those who fail to amuse the young.

Sexual Time Travel
Just about sums up every theme Momus has ever touched.

Eric Swenson
New York's maddest, perviest, most provocative multimedia man... and his unruly bowels.

CD Now
Having trouble finding Momus CDs? You can order them online here.

The Momus Daily
The Crayon website allows you to construct your own newspaper. Here's mine.

New Musical Express. No women, no blacks, no Momuses please!

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
A Jungian personality test.

Some art criticism here.

The Indiepop Archives
The Museum of the Indiepop List, if you like.

Robin Rimbaud has been listening in on people's cellular calls again.

Chris Marker
This is an encyclopaedic site about a very interesting filmmaker.

The Franz Kafka Homepage
Possibly the most sensitive man who ever lived.

This French techno culture site is one of the best on the web. It's huge.

Another excellent French site, this time all about the art scene. Check out Purple Prose, an adventurous art magazine.

Giant Robot
A rather trendy and interesting magazine about Asian things, based in California.

Odds and Ends Around David Bowie
A site of odd photos and facts about Dame David, my hero.

Cherry Red Records
My current label, soon to be home to new Analog Baroque signings.

Addicted To Noise
A jolly good read if you want musicbiz gossip.

Lewis Carroll
Randy vicars in wonderland.

Sexual Time Travel
Just about sums up every theme Momus has ever touched.

Serge Gainsbourg
This man was a grandfather to me.

For me, the most interesting artist of the 90s.

Apple Computer
Even Mike Alway has a Performa now.

Eric Swenson
New York's maddest, perviest, most provocative multimedia man... and his unruly bowels.

Necro Enema Amalgamated
Blam! 3 is themed around Negritude.

Last but by no means least, Shazna and her site.