How Do I Pay?

You can pay with old fashinoned paper (checks, cash) and snail mail, or (US only) with your credit card through the PayPal website.

If you're sending a check, a cheque, or cash, here's the address to use:

Nick Currie
Box 6
Mail Boxes Etc
511 6th Avenue
New York NY 10011-8436

Make checks payable to N. Currie please.

You can also use this address to send Momus demos, love letters, complaints, and anything else you like, you perverts.

If you're a US resident and want to be totally rad, hip, flash and cutting edge, (or you just can't be assed putting a stamp on a letter) you can use your credit card or send cash through the PayPal website.

PayPal requires you to go through a five minute sign-up, which is a hassle. But once you've registered you're set up forever. You can send money to anyone with an e mail address directly over the web. You can use cash (real cash, not e cash) to bid in auctions at places like E Bay. PayPal has only been going for about six months, but it's a big company backed by Nokia and Deutschebank (The Man!) and you can be sure their security systems are tighter than a banker's ass. This is clearly the future of money. Let's try it now and burn down the brick and mortar banks later.

Once you've fed in your credit card information, name and address, all you need to do is send the amount of money specified for the Teepee product of your choice through the PayPal site quoting the e mail address:

This e mail address is all PayPal need to know to make the payment. Your credit card (or PayPal account, if you have money there from online transactions of your own) will be debited with the specified amount.

You will also have to send Momus an e mail at the same address with your name, the handiwork item you want, and your mailing address. When we at TeePee match the two e mails (the payment notification sent us by PayPal and the order details and mailing address sent by you) we will dispatch the product within a day or two. Mailing worldwide by first class or air mail is included in the price of all products.

Merci, arigato, obrigado, danke schon and, most of all, thank you!


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!