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Hear the Super Madrigal Brothers sound in an mp3 clip.

In the grand tradition of John Dowland and Koji Kondo, Thomas Morley and Tomita, Diego Ortiz and Shigeru Miyamoto, comes the definitive electro-Elizabethan glitsch-folk sound-and-song package of the year 2002.

Hear noise channels and square waves joyfully soaring through the stereo spectrum of a 16th century vocal piece! Hear banshee theremins and wailing Gameboys mourning the death of their queen in sorrowful digital emotion! Hear the unmitigated elegance of an Atari VCS playing minstrel to a gallant knight, dashing about in hallucogenic frenzy! Hear the glorious reign of an opium-fuelled King Henry VIII!

This June on American Patchwork Records (distro'd through Darla), you too can experience Shakestation by Sir Fashion Flesh and Oliver Cobol, your very own Super Madrigal Brothers.

Momus on Super Madrigal Brothers

Oliver Cobol and Sir John Fashion Flesh (or Adam and John, as they're known to the registrars of births, deaths and marriages in Atlanta and Detroit) are the Super Madrigal Brothers, two men in their early 20s who have never met and yet, thanks to the internet and the US Postal Service, now comprise the two halves of a musical project which renders the airs and plaints of the Renaissance in the charming 8-bit sound of the Nintendo Gameboy.

Oliver is the 'fangler', choosing late medieval humanist melodies by Dowland, Campion, King Henry VIII and others and recasting them in the blips and bleeps belonging to our familiar mustachio'd plumber-hero trotting up endless platforms towards his Mushroom Kingdom. Sir John is the 'mangler', messing with the very fabric of space-time, slowing, stretching and stitching the music like a reversible jacket, melting it like a Salvador Dali clock. Together they've struck a balance between melody and madness, creating a wormhole back to a jaggy digital rendering of The Bard and making the record which, I honestly believe, cannot fail to win my plucky, stricken little label a place on the Map of Glory forever.

Extracted from the essay 'My Muse Has The Right To Children', Momus website, April 2002

Super Madrigal Brothers
The debut CD on American Patchwork Records
AmPatch 003
Made and distributed by Darla
Released June 20th 2002

Buy 'Shakestation' direct from Darla by heading over, credit card at the ready, to the Darla online shop.

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