Welcome to The Teepee, the Momus art and craftwork store.

Isn't it wonderful? We can all be electronic artisans now, beavering away in teepees, selling each other beadwork, music, ethnic garments, video tapes... Think of this page, the Momus Craftwork Teepee Store, as a primitive roadside stall where a folk artist is selling you his wares.

All his life this particular folk artist has been interned in a sort of red indian reservation called the Music Industry. He made stuff and handed it over to The Man to sell. The Man took a big cut, because he had a big office and heap big rent to pay. Momus tips his feathered head-dress to the nice men at his various labels, because without their vision none of this would be possible.

But now electronics have reached the reservation. It's the year 2000 and the craftwork handwerker has a computer world at the tips of his fingers. If heap big load of tourists are willing to exchange their beads for his beadwork The Man might even get some rent on the Momus teepee! Whoopee!

What Can I Buy?

Right now, there are four kinds of craftwork you can buy here.

1. The first in a range of Momus t shirts designed by Momus and manufactured in the sweatshops of New York's exotic Chinatown. Note: T shirts will now be ready for dispatch at the end of June. Sorry for the delay. We had to switch company twice. You just can't get the craftworkers any more...

2. The audio documentary Fakeways: Manhattan Folk: a CD of ethnomusicological research into the primitive electronic music scene of the Manhattan reservation during the Spring of 2000, featuring Casey Spooner, Ford Wright, and Steve Lafreniere.

3. The Momus CD-ROM (Macintosh and Univac operating systems only, sorry!), handmade in Paris in 1996, This Must Stop!

4. Videos of the Myths Of Momalia. In association with New York's LFL Gallery, who are hosting a one-month one-man art show by Momus in October, Momus presents a series of video tapes in which he tells the tales of Momalia, a fictional country of his own invention.

As new craftwork emerges from the teepee it will be offered here.

(This page dates from 2000. The shop is now here.)