Thought For The Day
Thought For The Day
Baroque Informatique

As part of my ongoing mission to define and refine the concept of Analog Baroque I am collecting 'traditional' images of people interacting with electronic information devices, like this Japanese book of Chinese astrology, which shows a computer above the caption 'You will have success in your life at the office', or this image of Antwerp clerks. The IBM advert 'Data loss can cause grief' is a spoof on the same theme.

If you have any similar images (perhaps a Gameboy painted by an African sign-maker, perhaps an Eskimo putting a new roll of paper into a fax machine) please send them as E mail attachments to:

Person Of The Month
Liane Balaban
Aged 18, Liane Balaban has just played the lead in New Waterford Girls, a film directed by Allan Moyle (best-known for 'Pump Up The Volume'). This film, shot on Cape Breton, will be premiered at the 1999 Toronto Film Festival. Liane is sure to become the 21st century's answer to Audrey Hepburn and Winona Ryder. I'm a bit reluctant to share her with you, actually, but here she is. Because, as Devoto once put it, 'I desire you for ever... and everyone'.