The Momus Daily
The Crayon website allows you to construct your own newspaper. Here's mine.

New Musical Express.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
A Jungian personality test. Shazna and our cat scored very similarly.

Some great art criticism here.

The Indiepop Archives
A lot of people without lives come here to talk about 'Indie Pop'. Sometimes they complain that Momus forgets his lyrics during concerts. They should visit Artnet.

A website about Neil Hannon's witty pop project The Divine Comedy.

My friend Robin Rimbaud has been listening in on people's cellular calls again.

Chris Marker
This is an encyclopaedic site about a very interesting filmmaker.

The Franz Kafka Homepage
Possibly the most sensitive man who ever lived.

This French techno culture site is one of the best on the web. It's huge.

Another excellent French site, this time all about the art scene. Check out Purple Prose, an adventurous art magazine.

Real Audio Player
Get your Real Audio Player here!

Giant Robot
A rtaher trendy and interesting magazine about Asian things, based in California.

Creation Records
A good record label with a dull website. Link to me, you swine, I only made eight bloody albums for you!

Odds and Ends Around David Bowie
A site of odd photos and facts about Dame David, my hero.

Bungalow Records
Hip easy listening label in Berlin, German home of Kahimi Karie and maybe, soon, Laila France.

For heaven's sake plug in to Shockwave. Director will replace the English language soon.

Here at Momus, we like Stereolab.

The Village Voice
Get a beard and hang in the village, dad.

Trattoria Sound
The best record label in Japan. Load it loud!

Cherry Red Records
I left them, flew too near the sun, and came back. Now, for my sins, I do their website.

Addicted To Noise
A jolly good read if you want musicbiz gossip.

Lewis Carroll
Randy vicars in wonderland.

Sexual Time Travel
Just about sums up every theme Momus has ever touched.

Serge Gainsbourg
This man was a grandfather to me.

For me, the most interesting artist of the 90s.

Apple Computer
Even Mike Alway has a Performa now.

Eric Swenson
New York's maddest, perviest, most provocative multimedia man... and his unruly bowels.

Necro Enema Amalgamated
Blam! 3 is themed around Negritude.

Last but by no means least, my delicious wife Shazna and her site.