A Momus concert is planned for September 20th in New York at the Fez Club. A sort of mini-festival organised by Gail O'Hara of CMJ, it would taking place on two consecutive nights. The hope is that the first night, Friday the 20th of September, would include The Seashell Sea, Shoestrings, Blueboy , Momus at the Fez Club. The second night (September 21st) would feature Hushpad, Musical Chairs, Linda Smith with The Silly Pillows, Magnetic Fields, at a rock club called Mercury Lounge. Watch this space for confirmation.

Momus is hard at work on the first in a series of CD-ROM releases which will be offered for sale through this website. ROM One is called 'THIS MUST STOP!' There is a page of screenshots and previews of this work, which should be available for ordering in September, here. At present the ROM is Mac compatible only. If anyone wants to help convert it to PC standard, please drop Momus a line at .

A new Momus album will be released in September. 'Twenty Vodka Jellies' is a collection of curiosities, out-takes and demos from the past five years. Chosen from the artist's personal DAT collection, the tracks will include the demos for the songs on Kahimi Karie's highly successful 'I Am A Kitten' and 'Good Morning World' EPs. Click here for a track listing with descriptions of each song.

This archive recording will be released in the US by a new label, Le Grand Magistery, based in New York. In Britain and Europe it will appear on Cherry Red and in Japan on Nippon Columbia. The next proper Momus album (new songs, new recordings) will be released in 1997.


Kahimi's new single, 'Le Roi Soleil', will be released in Japan on June 25th. Momus wrote the lyrics, music was composed by Keigo Oyamada of Japanese group Cornelius.

A recent interview with soundbites rather prematurely entitled 'The End Of Momus?' (written by Keith Gillard of Liquid Records) can be read in the May edition of webzine Cosmik Debris.