Pop Song
Beckenbauer's Last Temptation
The House That Jack Is Demolishing

Early in 1994 German indie band Bismarck Idaho asked me to Munich to produce an EP featuring a song called 'Beckenbauer's Last Temptation'. The song describes the German football hero crucified on the cross and watching his whole life pass before him like a Best Of Goals compilation.

I have absolutely no interest in sport of any kind, but the blasphemy interested me and the songs were rather splendid, so I went. Achim (a theology student and minister's son) and Konstantin were delightful people and we spent the whole session giggling manically, devising fascist backing vocals and naff raps.

Commercially, the record died a death.

Write to Blickpunkt Pop at PO Box 750303, 81333 Munchen, Germany