Slender Sherbet Press Release
He came out of Scotland with Edwyn Collins and the Postcard groups. He was the voice of the Misfits before Jarvis Cocker came along. He made Drop Dead, Fuck You revenge songs like The Homosexual and Hairstyle Of The Devil which topped the indie charts on Creation Records. He championed Serge Gainsbourg before Mick Harvey and the rest, and long before Stereolab rediscovered Esquivel he could be found DJing at an Easy Listening club in the West End of London. He is deeply fashionable in Japan, writing for the idols of Lolita Pop. He laid some of the foundations of Brit Pop, yet his records are still too scary for public consumption.

He is Momus, the singing psychoanalyst who uses himself as guinea pig for the most horrific inner investigations. The amateur brain surgeon with his bloody scalpel. The Maoist intellectual of the music industry. He now lives in exile in Paris, having married his Bangladeshi sweetheart. He continues to hold nothing sacred. His 1995 album 'The Philosophy Of Momus' was described by the NME as 'dark, amoral... intense and witty' and by The Independent as 'hugely intelligent, hugely entertaining'.

'Slender Sherbet' is a re-recording of his early songs which concentrates on 1988's Tender Pervert, perhaps the key to the values that he espouses: provocation, merciless self-scrutiny, the right to be fey, the right to be private in public, a certain delight in refinement and aestheticism, a certain cruelty. A love of story-telling. A high seriousness continually undermined by dark humour.

It may not be the time for such values. It may not be appropriate to call this dark, slow, secretive record a claim to some rightful legacy or place in history. Let's just say it's a frail reminder that Momus had a place in British pop music once and, even in exile in Paris, has one still.

Slender Sherbet CD BRED 123. Released by Cherry Red on October 23rd 1995.
Press Enquiries: Mike Alway, 0171 371 5844.
Visionary Video also releases 'Momus: Man Of Letters' this month.
A video documentary featuring Momus, Jarvis Cocker, Sarah Cracknell and others.