20 Vodka Jellies
After years of neglect, Momus suddenly found success (in Japan at least) thanks to Kahimi Karie, with whom he scored a string of top five singles in 1995 and 1996.

With Easy Listening and Japanese pop suddenly becoming trendy in Germany, France, Britain and the US, and deals for Kahimi Karie with Bungalow and Minty Fresh, a surge of interest in Momus's own work began.

'20 Vodka Jellies', which contains demos of all the Kahimi Karie material as well as rarities and B sides from the last three years of his own work, is intended to answer the question 'Who is the Eminence Grise behind ultracool Lolitapop Trojan Horse Kahimi Karie?'

A question just beginning to form on the lips of a whole generation.

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