Guardian Unlimited
Probably the site I hit most. The best British newspaper, and the best British news website.
Scratch Pet Land
Laurent and Nicolas Baudoux are Belgian. They named themselves Scratch Pet Land after playing their first show in a carpet warehouse. The music they make is electronic-experimental, the kind of thing insects would record if they had tiny DAT machines. My favourite new group.
Web Washer
If banner ads, the opportunistic chlamydial infections of the web world, are getting in the way of your online pleasure, here's a solution that really works. Webwasher, a free utility, loads pages but blocks the ads. I use it.
Sense Of Cinema
An online film journal. Did I tell you that my favourite director recently is Jean Eustache?
Karaoke Kalk
A record label based in Cologne featuring the experimental electonica of Hausmeister, Fumble and other 'cute formalists'.
Nobukazu Takemura has his own label, it's based in Kyoto and it issues works by Asao Kikuchi, Hirono Nishiyama and Nobuyasu Sekonda, some of whom are laptop glitch formalists, others closer to robot mazurkists.
The EMS Story
A classic story of a British synthesiser company struggling to match innovation to sales. Did you know that the man who invented the EMS also developed the software for the Akai range of samplers?
Kahimi Karie
This Japanese fan page for the singer I've worked with the most, Kahimi Karie, ranks her most popular songs.
Cornelius Sound
This is the new Cornelius website. The long-awaited follow-up to 'Fantasma' has been announced as 'Point', due for release in the autumn.
They make CD-ROMs and DVDs and have a pretty interesting range of stuff. Their shop in Ura-Harajuku, Tokyo, is closed now, but you can still get the disks online.
PS 1 (MoMA) New York
Over summer 2001 PS1, a converted school in the Greenpoint area of Queens, New York, is hosting a series of Japanese exhibits in a Beehive and in various rooms throughout what I consider to be New York's best gallery. Delaware (see below) are performing in July.
Overshare: Shibuya Diaries
Bianca Jarvis is an American living in Tokyo. This is her online diary. Fascinating!
Delia Derbyshire
Delia Derbyshire, a British pioneer of electronica who worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, was assistant to Luciano Berio, and helped a slew of psychedelic groups set up their synthetics, died recently. This site is a tribute to a remarkable woman.
Freaky Trigger: 'I Love Music' Board
Scattershot chatter about pop. Warning: highly addictive, if you're opinionated and like using the old noodle.
The Onion
Funny satire, though prone to the odd off-week. I like the ongoing joke about the Federal Department of Retro.
The New York Review of Books
Large chunks of the best book review organ in the world are available free online. Writing about books is like dancing about dance.
Adbusters: Culture Jammers Headquarters
Iconoclasts who believe we should unplug.
Smart cultural criticism, wire taps. Unfortunately they recently started charging for some content, which means they'll probably be gone in a few months.
The Japan Times
What's going on in Japan today? In English.
The New York Times on the Web
We love the New York Times! (As Delaware said in design magazine Emigre.)
What's going on in France? Good book section on Thursdays. JLG is always worth reading. That's not Jean Luc Godard, but Jean Louis Gassee, who writes about the 'view from Silicon Valley' each week.
BBC News Online - Front Page
The BBC website costs millions of pounds to maintain. If you're not a British taxpayer, it gives the lie to the saying that there's no such thing as a free lunch. There's even a free lunchtime news broadcast (not to mention teatime and dinnertime) in Real Player.
Fresh Froot: Motion Web Mind Food
An extraordinary site which lines up visually-oriented sites selected by a weekly guest curator.
Shift: Japanese E Zine
Design fetish people. The Cutie Girls archive is the best place to check this year's teen fashions on the streets of Harajuku, even if Shift have recently ruined the interface with advertising, and you can't scroll. Have you ever noticed how little designers have to say, and how badly they say it? The rest of Shift is interviews with pious Gasbook types.
Delaware: Music and Design
Delaware are quite simply the funniest musicians and designers in the world. This website has the most amazing graphics, inspired by early bitmappy Mac Plus programs. You can download mp3s each week from their recent album Artoon and read in their diary what they've been up to (scroll way, way right). Priceless ingenuity.
Mumbleboy: Flash Animation
The best Flash animator there is, Mumbleboy is Kinya Hanada, a Japanese who's lived since his early teens in the States. See his work and gasp. He doesn't even take drugs, believe it!
Mumbleboy: Tape Recorder Man
Kinya's Portland friend E-Rock made an abstract remix of my song and Kinya made a visual narrative which really captures what the song is about. Super-elegant.
Art and Leisure
John Robert Howell's website. He's a sort of freelance curator. He made some wonderful Flash animations for the Momus art show Folktronia. They're online here.
Darla Records On-Line Catalog
Darla, based in Sacramento, distribute releases on Le Grand Magistery and American Patchwork. One is the label that releases me in the US, the other a label I curate.
Freaky Trigger: Debate on Pop
If you used to read the NME for some sort of sense of community, Freaky Trigger does it better. It's basically just a couple of guys, Tom Ewing and Ned Raggett, so they can't write as many reviews as you might like. They do it in their spare time, because they want to. They have an alter ego called Tanya Headon who demolishes rock and pop pomp with her (sometimes ungrammatical) bile.
Superfuture City: Urban Cartography for Global Shopping Experts
Excellent map of the hottest shopping spots in Tokyo, Sydney and New York.
TV Go Home
And before I turn into their character Nathan Barley, here's the URL of the most savage British satire site there is, TV Go Home. It takes the form of a fake TV guide. A dire warning to us all.
Totem Design
They sell the best furniture in New York. Poddy, crafty, designy. Of course, it's all made by Europeans.
Cantonese Opera Home Page
Cantonese opera sounds like cats being strangled on Venus while spooky mimes go 'ching' on little bells. It's the future of pop.
Coalition for the Future of Music
Or maybe this is.
The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Bucky used to hang out with the Eameses. He came up with a three wheeled car that could turn on a dime. He believed we would one day all wash with compressed air instead of soap and water. Here is the fan site he so richly deserves.
Buckmister Fuller Lecture: Everything I Know
'Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, once gave a lecture he entitled 'Everything I Know'. Taking the title literally, he spoke four years or so...' Actually, it was only about four days. And the integral text is here.
What a pity this website of art world tattle isn't as pithy or savage as the funny tabloids Bank used to do.
This is no so much Adbusters as Adhustlers. Dowloading commercials on the web may be the only tolerable way to see them. Watch once, chortle, admire the wit, avoid the 475 repeats.
Clicks and Klangs: 'Where music is an adventure not a commodity'
Some solid music-related reading if you're into neo-prog, glitch electronics and krautrock.
Lying in the nude with my Apple G4 Cube, I am rendering a porcupine in Bryce.
We used to be married. Now we're friends and both live in New York. We're recording a new Milky album fall 2001!
Mike Alway
An interview with the man who started el and now does the sleeves for Alan McGee's Poptones label.
McGee and I got back in touch after a seven year silence. He's the patron saint of illuminated lunatics (Lawrence, Alway, Momus) perhaps because, at heart, he is one himself.
Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex
I've seen what's in your diary, can you honestly tell me you are perfectly normal?
The Narrative art of the Mentally Disturbed
Unlike formalist glitchbods, mad people are always trying to tell you stories.
Alan Lomax Collection
Alan Lomax, now a very old and confused man, was, in his time, the foremost folk music collector and archivist of the 20th Century.
Prinzhorn-Collection: History
Hans Prinzhorn encouraged the mad people in his care to draw. The results are fascinating.
Degenerate Art
The Nazis exhibited the art of the Modernists and the art of the mad side by side, applying the dubious science of eugenics in an effort to discredit Moderism.
Modern / Contemporary Dance Companies on the Web
Dance. It's a good way to listen to music.
Dumb Type: Japanese Dance Company
Dumb Type are a dance and performance group from Kyoto. Their founder died several years ago of AIDS, but Dumb Type continue as a kind of tribute to his memory. Their work is terrific. Great electronic music, too.
Spiral: Store / Gallery in Tokyo
This is a shop and a gallery space, with a spiral-shaped central hall a bit like a scaled-down Guggenhiem. It's in Aoyama, Tokyo, and here on the web.
010101 : Art in Technological Times
San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art gets down dirty and digital.
Miltos Manetas
He's a Greek artist fascinated by electronic landscapes and textures.
The High Llamas
Sean O'Hagan is a master of arrangement. It's almost architecture, this music. Zig-zaggy buildings dappled with sunlight.
Frank Schroder has an ear for the most interesting new electronic music. (Germany right now, it seems to me, is the hub of all creativity in music.) I'd encourage everyone to check Frank's marvellous reading of Paul Hindemith's operetta for children, Wir Bauen Ein Stadt. He also has a free interpretation of my 'Little Apples' on his Audio page.
A sketchy history of the Shibuya sound I had a hand in, a Japanese trend now replaced by Nakame-kei, the sound of Nakameguro. Load it loud!
The Dufay Collective
I love the sound of medieval musical instruments, which, oddly, remind me of early analog synths. The Dufay Collective play on my medieval prog record for Kahimi Karie, Journey To The Centre Of Me.
Tzadik Records
John Zorn's label. Arcane, obscure, frequently fascinating.
Kyosai: One hundred wildnesses by Kyosai
I saw a screen in the Japanese gallery of the Smithsonian in Washington and it reminded me of the work Takashi Murakami is doing now. It was a painting by Kyosai.
Bruce Haack Web
Bruce Haack, Electric Lucifer! Visionary, lunatic, Pied Piper of the synthesiser!
Rasputin Music
If you're having trouble getting hold of early Momus releases, try these guys.
The Kork Agency
Christian at Kork handles the bookings for Momus's live concerts in the US.
HeadLight Journal
Music commentary. Includes a Momus interview somewhere.
Aki Tsuyuko
Signed to Childisc. Messaien for kids.
Welcome to Horace's Villa
A QuickTime VR tour of the ruins of the house of Rome's greatest secular poet. Ah, I feel a domestic ode coming on! Minerva, where's my scroll?
Tom Lehrer
He wrote Folktronic before I did.
Planet Gong
Gong. Daevid Allen. Communes in Spain. Extra-terrestrials flying about in giant teapots. Gong are a dire warning to the youth not to experiment with mushrooms and acid.
Robert Wyatt - Links
The Canterbury Scene! Now that's what I call music.
Robert Wyatt interview
Robert Wyatt used to be in Soft Machine, got paralysed in an accident, and traded his drums for lyrical keybaords which, like his voice, sound more plaintive and lovely than just about anything you'll hear.
The Indian Art Portal: Indian Art History
It's pretty damn sexy, the art of the Indian court miniature.
TV Scorpion: A Boredoms Photo Gallery
The Boredoms. A funky processed jam on the summit of Mount Fuji.
A Brief Rilke Biography
During long periods of writer's block he hung out with aristocrats. When the poetry did come, it erupted like Pompeii.
Brian Eno
The interviews section of this website will keep you entertained for ever, I promise.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist interviews Shigeru Ban
Like Warhol (and, apparently, Russell Senior from Pulp) Obrist carries a tape recorder with him wherever he goes, taping people talking about their work. Here he is with Shigeru Ban, an architect who contributed to Obrist's Cities On The Move exhibition a cheap house made of cardboard tubes, suspended on beer crates. The ultimate curator meets the ultimate recycler.
BBspot - Your Tech Humor Source
Funny if you're a propellerhead.
Plastic: Recycling the web in real time
A way of getting the web curated for you by other users. A kind of neural networks approach to content. They ran out of money, but nobody noticed.
Edwyn Collins - Official Website
Edwyn is an arch old cormorant. Here's his story of one of the bands I was influenced by when I started in music. Hypermedia Thinktank
Think some tall thoughts about media today, why don't you?
Someone's zine. A good read, probably.
Saurus, the official Kev Hopper Website
Kev Hopper is a kind of British Tom Waits. He plays the singing saw. You can download lots of sound files here.
HTML Color Code Chart
This is where I can find the HTML reference for the exact shade of puce that can make you hurl.
Questia Multimedia
I did the music for some of the ads here.
World Time Server
Here in Tokyo, I never know if I'm going to wake up friends in other countries when I call them. This is a way to find out.
The Raymond Scott Orchestrette
Raymond Scott, what a weird man. No baby has ever been soothed by 'Soothing Sounds For Baby'. Scott's demo commercials border on the postmodern, or on the insane.
Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904)
A one-eyed man who went to live in Japan, collected and compiled its folklore, and married a Japanese woman. All about a hundred years before me.
WFMU 91.1FM Jersey City, NJ
I'm told it's one of the best radio stations around. Unfortunately I only listen to BBC Radio 4, so I can't really tell you if that's true.
Bruce Haack Web: Electric Lucifer 1970
Bruce Haack! Etc.
Mac Font Vault - Arty Fonts
Fonts that wear flares, if you ask them nicely.
Bjork: Vespertine
Good site about Bjork. Rumours, gossip, endlessly postponed release dates.
Tuning-Related Sites
Weird tuning: it's the future of pop.
Erstwhile Records
They make these uncompromisingly grey records that come to life in headphones and beckon you into strange new worlds.
Escalator Records, Tokyo
Run by a rich pretty kid called Naka, Escalator is the youngest label in the Shibuya Kei stable.
Gullbuy: Record Assessments
Carl Thien writes notes on his recent purchases for Boston college station WZBC. Updated every Tuesday. Gull's Window Circus, his show, plays on Tuesdays from 5-7PM. You can listen via ZBC Online.
Q Magazine Online
Here you call your mates 'Squire' and drive around listening to Chris Rea. Did pop music really have to get so bald, suburban and middle-aged? Why couldn't it have died young like Select?
Learn German to read the reviews in this electronic music magazine. It's the best.
BT: Japanese Art Magazine
The magazine is the best art publication in Japan, and possibly the world. A monthly Gideon's Bible of facts about exhibitions worldwide. The web version is more confusing.
Hiropon Factory: Japanese Art
Takashi Murakami's Factory is at the centre of a massive revitalisation of the Japanese art scene. There are photos of me dressed in furs, meeting Chiho Aoshima in New York somewhere here!
Le Grand Magistery
Matt Jacobson's label has one of those websites with a permanent 'Coming Soon' sign, I fear.
Kitty Yo - Our Bands
Move to Mitte, learn German, read de:bug, and sign to Kitty Yo. Voila, you're the epitome of cool!
Sailor Moon TV Episode Guide
I download the plot summaries and get my computer's built-in voices to read them. Better than drugs.
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Full Texts
'Bruce, High Quality' reads to me from these until I fall asleep.
The On-Line Books Page
The best things in life are free online. The Great Library of Alexandria meets Fahrenheit 451.
Jobriath: The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll
He was the commander, we were just space cadets.
Visual Kei
In Japan teenagers buy this odd music, heavily laden with the scent of death, created by men in various stages of transvestism.
Klaus Nomi: Eternal Alien
The secret weapon of the synth pop revival, Klaus Nomi was the 'kabuki robot' who tied Purcell to Star Trek via Berlin 1929.
More record reviews. I need 'em like a hole in the head!
Old Momus Links Page