Momus Radio

Here are some radio programmes you can listen to. They take the form of mp3 files, and are mostly recorded with a Fuji F601 digital camera then dropped into iTunes.

Poznan Radio
Recorded in Poznan. Mono mp3 file, 39 mins 17 secs, 17.9MB

Paris Radio
Recorded in Paris, April 30th 2005. Mono mp3 file, 19.7MB, 42mins 55secs.

Sapporo Radio
Recorded in Sapporo, January 30th 2005. Mono mp3, 21.6MB, 47 mins. 20 secs

Kyoto Grump Radio
Recorded in Kyoto, September 19th 2004. Mono mp3 file, 27.59 MB, 60 minutes.

Macao Radio
Recorded in Macao, September 7th 2004. Mono mp3 file, 18 MB, 40 minutes.

Hong Kong Radio
Recorded in Hong Kong, September 1st 2004. Mono mp3 file, 12.35 MB, 27 minutes.

Osaka Radio
Recorded in Osaka, Japan, August 26th 2004. 60 minute mono mp3, 27.74 MB.

Rambling in Kurama
Recorded in Kurama, Kansai, Japan, August 17th, 2004. Mono mp3 file, 6.6 MB, 14.29 minutes, contains bad haikus.

Summerisle Radio
Momus subjects Anne Laplantine to the rigours of his invisible jukebox.55 minute mp3 stereo, 33 MB.