The Poison Boyfriend
In 1987 Momus moves into the big league when he signs to Creation. 'The London music business is ruled by one hundred people,' explains Alan McGee, 'and I know ninety of them'.

Creation are the most conservative leather-trousered rebels you could wish to meet. Seen as progenitors of noisy drug bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain, they in fact cherish wistful guitar music, gentle rehashes of the Velvets, Love, the Byrds.

They adore this album, which is soft, sad and feminine. Although it may seem to reflect Momus's move to Chelsea, his love of the Belgian desperation of Jacques Brel, don't be fooled. This record should be bracketed with all the blue disks made by unhappy rockers' girlfriends: Marianne Faithful, Joni Mitchell, Idha. Girls who, forced to live out the bohemian dream of The Road, can't help showing 'a little lace around the seams'.

For this is the year in which Momus is forced to share a transit van with Primal Scream.

Years later, in Tokyo, Japan, this album gives birth to the mother of its twin. Momus writes an album called 'Shyness' for an artist called... The Poison Girlfriend.


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