Tender Pervert
One spring night in 1988 Momus lies awake in his canary cage bedsit a stone's throw from the King's Road and decides to call his new album 'The Homosexual'.

Gide, Mishima, Mao. So many unpatented new defence mechanisms: a gay man pretends to be a straight man pretending to be gay, a cold man pretends to be a warm man pretending to be cold. Provocation and paradox. The first fruits of the influence of Serge Gainsbourg.

A world begins to emerge, a habitable planet, Planet Momus. There, the angels are voyeurs. Sexuality is cold and cruel. Innocence meets experience and leaves first blood.

Pale, effeminate men who are one day to surge to fame in groups with names like Pulp and Suede prick up their ears.


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