It all begins at the Edinburgh Festival, 1991. Momus sees a play based on a short story by Yukio Mishima: an old lady travels back through time to her youth.

The emotions released by this collision between science fiction and melodrama - nostalgia for the future, a wistful distance from the present, a kind of wise, weary and sad resignation - inspire him to return to a more sentimental style of songwriting.

Almost kitsch, set to lush ambient music which turns in spirals of fifths, 'Voyager' is the sound of alienation turning into a distant sort of caring.

From here on, Momus returns often to adolescent themes in his songs. Perhaps because he is in love with an adolescent. Shazna, born when he was 17, is herself nearing 17.

From her Momus receives an 'education sentimentale'. They are married in 1994.



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