Momus is on a Long March!

His goal is nothing less than the subversion of Popular Music.

The Recordings.
After The Philosophy Of Momus, he will deal the decadent music industry another blow this October with a new release, fearless in its criticism. Slender Sherbet is a collection of tireless revisions of the classic works of his early years.
The House of Momus.
Momus is currently in exile in the People's Republic of Montmartre. Here is a brief tour of his place of confinement.
These running dog lackeys of the capitalist press have professed to love and loathe Momus. Like Gramsci in prison, eager to remain lucid until the time comes to seize power, he has patiently collected these articles in a little press book.

He aims to supply you with a powerful toolbox of fresh thoughts.

Cork Slab.
This slab of industrial quality cork is for workers who wish to contribute to debates on the theory and practise of Momism.
Momus' wife Shazna has her own Gang Of Four: a group called Milky.
The Photograph Album.
By no means should these photographs be used as the basis for a Personality Cult.

There is a historical inevitability about the triumph of Momism.

Interviews and Interrogations.
Recent interviews with clandestine underground publications.
He resolves contradictions with the patience of a teacher, with constant reference to the lucidity of the Marxist-Leninist classics.
The Momus People.
Comrades in the Great Cause, history will not forget your efforts.

Easy listening, difficult thinking.

How To Write A Momus Song.
Lesson One: holding the guitar. Lesson Two: [text removed by the Committee On Revolutionary Ethics].
Writings by Momus.
Our great leader expounds his views on cinematography, literature and the musical arts. They all have a role to play in the coming Revolution.
His CV.
The way stations on the Long March.

An army without culture is a dull-witted army. It will fail.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Where can I get the 'Lusts Of A Moron' book? What films have been made about Momus? And what is the role of Japanese Lolitas in the push towards The Just Society?
Current Activities.
He is the architect (or carpenter if you will) of many civic projects. These are but the latest.
The Library.
There can be no transformation without an intellectual class, and there can be no intellectual class without books.

The last revision of this propaganda site was made on September 13th.

Momus, Paris, September 1995
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