makes pop records.
Here are some of them.
After The Philosophy Of Momus, Momus pops back this fall with a new release. Slender Sherbet is a collection of startlingly reworked versions of his early work.
The House of Momus.
A brief tour of Momus's present home in Montmartre.
They've loved him and they've loathed him. And, scissors and paste pot ever at the ready, we've put the clippings into a little press book.
Cork Slab
It's a slab of cork you can stick your observations of Momus-type things on. Democracy Wall for social cabbages.
A band fronted by Shazna: Queen of Cherries, Empress Of Oranges, Miss Phosphorous, and other honorific pseudonyms.
The Photograph Album.
There's only one photo in here at a time. You may download and worship at your leisure.
Kill Pearl Jam Dead.
A recent interview with this rather fabulously-named underground publication.
He writes turbulent, soul-searching letters. Have a rifle through the filing cabinet and read what you like.
The Momus People.
They're friends, they have funny faces, they take ages to download. Typical.
How To Write A Momus Song.
Lesson One: holding the guitar. Lesson Two: ignoring the hand slipping up under your skirt.
Writings by Momus.
He tells silly stories. And has strong opinions about music and films and stuff.
His CV.
How did a nice Edinburgh boy end up... Momus? Here's the roadmap.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Where can I get the 'Lusts Of A Moron' book? What films have been made about Momus? And who are all these Japanese Lolitas he writes songs for?
Current Activities.
He's beavering away at several odd projects even as you read this.
The Library.
Before there was multimedia, before there was a web, there were these book things. Some people found them inspirational.

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Momus, Paris, August 1995

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